totalPower DNA Test

Learn all you can about your body. Get all of our tests at under half of the regular price. Don’t guess. Unlock your full genetic potential to become the healthiest that you can. You owe it to yourself.



What you will learn

Get full results! totalPower DNA testing includes:

  • dietPower
  • fitPower
  • brainPower
  • healthPower (Detox, Inflammation, Hormones & Methylation)


  • A 45 minute Health Consultation
  • Access to our private FaceBook group

Learn all you can about your genetic makeup so you can take action to be the healthiest you can be. Know how your body works and personalize your fitness routine and nutrition in a way that will maximize your health. This fully comprehensive package will provide you with actionable health guidance based on the relationship between nutrition, lifestyle and your genes to achieve lifelong gains in your health and wellness.

“With the information learned in the totalPower test, we were able to come up with a health and fitness plan that would be the most effective for my body. What a difference. It’s like having the blueprints to your foundation and knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are. ~ Daniele”

Easy To Understand Results

Each report provides a summary of the health area included, the significance of those areas, the key gene(s) tested, and tips to take Power over your Health.

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