Unleash the power of your DNA with personalized vitamins and supplements.

VitaminLab is an all-in-one custom supplement in a capsule, that is made bespoke to each individual, creating the industries’ only true custom supplement.

Personalize your list of supplements according to your genetics.

Discover which types and dosages of vitamins and minerals are right for your body. Reveal your body’s unique needs and optimize your supplements for your genetic makeup to ensure it’s functioning at full capacity. Why wait to become the best version of you?

Take the guesswork out of health.

In a world of conflicting messages about diet and weight-loss, find some clarity with a DNA test. Take the guesswork out of health: determine what vitamins and supplements are best for your body. Invest now, have answers forever.

Vitamin formulas backed by science.

Our team of scientists and pharmacists asses your DNA and use cutting-edge research to create your unique vitamin plan. VitaminLab has an established, Canadian-based facility, using only the highest quality, pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients.

  • Dust, temperature, and humidity controlled environment
  • Microbiological testing for microbes, yeasts, and molds
  • Physical tests to ensure content, quality, and purity
  • Health Canada Certified, FDA Approved, and follows GMP

Simplify your daily vitamins.

Taking too many tablets can be overwhelming. VitaminLab offers custom compounding of over 125+ professional grade ingredients down to one single supplement. Our unique capsule covers 90% of your vitamins and minerals, plus all of your supplements, so you only have to take one formula.

All natural, quality ingredients.

Our formulas have all-natural ingredients such as beetroot, stevia and prebiotics. Ingredients include vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutraceuticals and probiotics, that are quality tested and sourced from the top suppliers in North America and Europe. We are proud to say our formulas are food-based, have no added fillers and are gluten-free/vegan friendly. No artificial ingredients, sugar or sweeteners here!



Question: Is VitaminLab a capsule, powder or liquid?

VitaminLab comes in a capsule form. The capsule comes as a gelatin or vegetable capsule.

Question: What are the directions for VitaminLab?

Just simply follow directions on your label, which will outline the suggested daily capsule dose.

Question: How many months do I get of VitaminLab? Can I update my formula?

The formulas are sent as a 3-month supply to provide you the most cost-effective option while giving enough time for the supplements to work. 

Question: Is VitaminLab a subscription service? Can I cancel it at anytime?

VitaminLab is a subscription service that sends your formulas automatically to you, and bills your formulas every month. You can cancel your plan at any time prior to your next supply.

Question: Where are the formulas made? Where is VitaminLab located?

The formulas are made in a Health Canada & FDA licensed facility in Canada. VitaminLab is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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