Our Purpose

Empowering you to make smarter health decisions based on your unique genetic blueprint.

Our Values

Purpose – We want to make a difference in your life
People – We are respectful and caring
Passion – We love what we do

Our Vision

A healthier you, a healthier world.

Our Story

We launched our DNA testing lab in 2008 in Canada. We saw enormous potential for new DNA technology to help support people’s health and wellness, particularly in the areas of diet and fitness. We were a pioneer in applying leading edge gene research to develop targeted gene panels to enable people to take power over their health by understanding their unique genetic makeup.

We have been providing personalized testing and professional support since then to help people make better decisions about their health. We have many years of experience in developing diet and fitness programs for people tailored to their unique genetic makeup. We know you can have a happier and healthier life by understanding your DNA.

Our Science

The complete sequencing of the human genome was mapped relatively recently in 2003. DNA testing has rapidly evolved with improved genetic testing technologies that can now sequence many genes quickly, reliably, and economically.

Our lab uses advanced genetic testing technologies (MassARRAY® System by Agena Bioscience) and custom software to identify and assess up to 500 genetic markers involved in many essential biological processes.

The lab takes scientific gene research and creates custom gene panels and reports to provide you with a picture of selected genes and genetic variations that have been proven to impact health. By knowing your genetic variations, you can learn where you may be predisposed to good or poor health related traits, and can take proactive steps to enhance wellbeing. It highlights how healthy diet, nutrition and exercise, can change or improve how your DNA functions. You receive personalized reports that show your unique gene composition and how it connects to lifestyle factors such as nutrition, fitness, health and disease.

Our Team

Lois Nahirney, dnaPower

Dr. Lois Nahirney
President and CEO

Dr. Lois Nahirney is passionate about creating a healthier world by helping people take power over their health. She has identical twins adopted from Vietnam (one transgender) which led to a fascination in DNA.  She solved years of personal health problems by learning about a simple weakness in her genetic make up, and acquired the company.  She has a doctorate and a master in business and has held a number of international senior executive roles. She has been honoured with several women in business awards and volunteers extensively in the community and overseas. Her vision is to help people make better health decisions and live healthier lives based on their unique DNA.


Dr. Hashim Khan
Chief Scientist

Dr. Hashim Khan is the Chief Scientist for dnaPower. He has a Masters in Medical Sciences and Genetics, an MBA, and an MD in Alternative Medicine. Hashim has over 15 years experience in advanced genomic designs and development on various gene-sequencing platforms. He established a next-generation sequencing lab and developed genetic test panels comprising hundreds of mutations across the human genome to bring positive change in product innovation in the field of genomics. His goal is to translate research from bench to bedside to improve the health of people.


Carmen Tocheniuk
Fitness and Diet Programs Lead

Carmen Tocheniuk, the DNA Diva, is a pioneer in the DNA  industry. She discovered DNA testing in 2008 and was one of the first in the world to use it with her clients to improve their health and fitness results. Carmen is a 3-time Canadian body-building physique champion, an International Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) PRO and a leading and respected personal fitness trainer and nutritionist. Carmen became involved in fitness to support her recovery after a devastating car accident as a teenager that left her with a broken back and in a body brace for a year. She is dedicated to helping people maximize their diet and fitness results through DNA knowledge.


Dr. Lyle Oberg
Senior Advisor

Dr. Lyle Oberg was recruited as CEO of a pioneering DNA company in California. In 2008, he brought the advanced DNA sequencing technology back to Canada and founded the original DNA testing lab focused on diet and fitness. He believes in the huge potential of DNA to support and improve the health system. He is a medical doctor by training, a politician by choice and a health system advocate as a result. He was elected to the Alberta legislature and held many ministerial positions during 15 years in politics.  


Dr. Maryam Zarepour
Science and Research Consultant

Maryam Zarepour is an international research scientist with extensive experience in molecular genetics. Dr. Zarepour holds a PhD in Biological Science, an MBA of Technology, a MSc in Molecular Genetics and a BSC in Microbiology. She brings deep analytical skills and knowledge to expand our research into key genes related to diet and fitness.

Jill Photo

Jillian Irvine
Science and Research Lead

Jillian Irvine is an experienced science and research Project Manager and holds an MBA of Technology and a BSC in Cellular Biology. She has detailed experience leading large-scale DNA research projects with Wildlife Genetics International. With her expertise in project management, scientific writing and communication, she plays a vital role in the ongoing development and research of our DNA tests.

Lori Crump
Marketing and Sales Lead

Lori is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and former co-founder of a successful Vancouver based relocation company. With a Bachelor of Commerce from Royal Roads University, Lori has been working with early-stage startups focusing on the implementation and execution of overall marketing and sales strategies. Lori is excited to be involved with a company devoted to preventative health and on the forefront of technology development here in Canada.


Natalie McCrae
Account Manager

Natalie is a holistic nutritionist with a background in business and marketing. She has a passion for nutrition and whether it’s helping clients lose weight or clear up their skin, Natalie loves helping people live healthier, happier lives through improved nutrition. Natalie knows that change doesn’t happen overnight and is eager to help clients focus on reaching attainable goals. Her passion for health and nutrition compliments dnaPower’s insight into the body, offering clients a unique service.