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Become a dnaPower Partner and take your practice to the next level. Build a strong and loyal client base through DNA specialized training. With an easy 10-second cheek swab, you will be able to personalize your client’s training program and stand out from the crowd by providing insight into the very foundation of their body.

Genetic information can allow you to evaluate and coach your clients at a higher level by developing diet and fitness programs targeting their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Not sure you fully understand the value of DNA testing?

No worries, we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

We provide the DNA test and the training so that you can provide the best possible recommendations to your clients. Help your clients reach their goals and maximize their potential!

Carmen the DNA Diva

“I was one of the first to use DNA testing with my clients and I’ve built my entire training and nutrition business with dnaPower DNA information as the foundation. I would not recommend a program to my clients without knowing their unique genetics. Now with dnaPower, I know I can design a program truly right for my clients. Understanding where my clients are genetically strong or weak gives me confidence in creating programs that I know will provide results!”

– Carmen Tocheniuk, IFBB Professional Athlete 

“dnaPower has enabled me and my clients to assess, program and re-evaluate their health and fitness goals based on the powerful impact of knowing your genetic predispositions and using epigenetics to make smarter decisions in all aspects of their health.

Understanding our biological blueprint can have a profound impact on our health, fitness and longevity.”

– Sarah Jamieson, Moveolution

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The most comprehensive DNA test on the market.

We test more than 150 genetic markers related to diet and fitness to give you an in-depth look at your clients’ health and wellness needs. Knowing your client’s body to this degree will enable you to make smarter choices for their health. Why settle for less?

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